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Yesterday the training schedule called for Cruise Intervals. At 60°F the temperature was great but the 95% Humidity was a killer.
A couple of miles in the run my Garmin buzzed “run for 2000 meters” and I started pushing the effort to about 8:30 m/m pace which is my slower side of the Cruise Interval range (8:30m/m – 8:05m/m). It was almost a struggle to keep the pace for the duration. I did not carry water on this run because it was a 3 mile loop and I had the chance to grab a sip of water from my bottle every time I ran by my car. This was also a new route for me with a lot of uneven pavement which made things a little more challenging since I mostly running on flat roads.

When I finally finished my work out walked to my car to get the last out of my water bottle I realized how much I had been sweating during the run. My shirt was a darker color from wicking sweat and my legs were covered with sweat droplets. During the Winter we don’t think much about hydration and Electrolytes because…well is Winter. On my ride back home I was thinking to myself if I had made this workout harder than it should be by not hydrating properly before and not taking electrolytes.

Tomorrow’s workout is a Steady State Run. Weather predictions are very similar so it will be Hydration and Electrolytes and see what difference will it make!

Adidas Boston Boost 6

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Adidas Boston Boost 6

The last pair of Adidas Bostons have arrived. The 2017 model will soon be out to replace the 6s. This is my 5th pair of Bostons. Adidas improved on the already great Boston 5 last year but I honestly don’t think they can improve it any more. I love this shoe! All my long runs are in the Bostons. They have a very comfortable feeling from the time you lace them on. The shoe has an amazing “energy return” all the way up to the end of it’s life which for me, average built 142lb runner, is around 350-400 miles (yep worth every penny!)

I ran close to 1500 miles in 2016 and 90% of that millage was done in the Bostons. It is the perfect hybrid running shoe between training and racing. I keep two pair of Bostons on rotation during training and one pair only for racing. I also run with a 4mm drop shoe for shorter distances just to change things up and strengthen different parts of legs/feet.

I’m anxious to see what Adidas has in store for us this year. As I already mentioned there isn’t much room for improvement with this shoe. Only one thing…..Adidas please come up with different color options this year other than the solid black, white and solid navy blue. Let’s add some flair to our feet for fun and safety!

Always keep a couple of pair of good running shoes on rotation while you are training. Retire your shoes once you start feeling your legs getting fatigued soon after the start of your run. There isn’t a good measure of millage that a shoe should be retired at. That depends on various factors as in the type of shoe, the runner built, the terrain you mostly run on and how efficient of a stride you have. Always go by how it feels. If your last couple of runs were not feeling good in the same shoe but the runs in the alternate pair were okay then you know is time to put this pair out to pasture!

Fresh legs = Happy running