How does the shoe fit?

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                                                  They say that running is an inexpensive sport. All you need is a pair of shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. In some cases running can be also done barefoot and even in the nude although the latter is not recommended. For most of us running is a very simple pleasure and can be enjoyed in it’s simplest of forms or you can add gadgets and expensive sportswear to fit your budget. One thing that we all need though is a shoe that “fits”.

Runners shoes must be a good all around “fit”, by that I mean not only your feet feel good in them but also that the shoes are made for you depending on the amount of  Pronation you parents gave you at birth.

For some of us when we run, the outside of the heel makes contact with the ground first, as we transition the foot naturally rolls some to the inside and then we toe-off from the front middle of the foot. That is called Normal Pronation (or Neutral Pronation). Some of us tend to roll our foot more inwards after the foot lands (Over-Pronation) and others tend to roll outwards after the initial land of the foot (Under-Pronation  a.k.a. Supination). Every one of us lands, no pun intended, somewhere in between all these different forms. Unless you can determine what type of Pronation you have by looking at the soles of an older pair of athletic shoes

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you may want to visit a reputable Running Store near you to have a gait analysis performed (everywhere I’ve been was Free) and they will put you in the right shoe. This is a sure way to make your running experience more comfortable and it will prevent unnecessary injuries.

I have met many people who say ” Yeah, I tried running but it hurts too much to run”. If they only knew…



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