Wine, Cheese and Running shoes

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Life’s simplest pleasures: wine, cheese and running shoes. What can I say. After the Long run on Saturdays, one of our weekly perks is a trip to Whole Foods. First stop is at the cheese shop then to the red wine shelf and finally to the bakery for a warm crusty loaf of bread.

Life’s healthy pleasures

Late afternoon snack. Slices of a small variety of cheeses mostly sharp ones (the harder the cheese the less fat it contains),some bread and a glass of red wine! Not sure what it is about this but the weekends don’t come around quick enough. Is it the fact the red wine and running share a lot of the same health benefits? As we all know running is good for you heart. Lowers the risk of heart attacks, reduces the chances of certain cancers and adds years to your life. Well guess what? Red wine is known to have the exact same benefits. Double whammy, right? Cheese doesn’t prolong your life or shares the same healthy heart benefits. But is loaded with protein, Calcium, Zinc, B12, and many more Vitamins and minerals beneficial to runners.

So my running friends, enjoy a glass of two (and no more) of red wine with some quality cheese and don’t forget the bread for your carbs. And there you have it! A day of many miles, a little of the runner’s high and a self-indulgent recovery. A day full of pleasures and health benefits!



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