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Palmetto Bluff 13.1 (2016)

A little over 8 years ago, I’m still not sure exactly why, I signed up for a race “Holly shit now what?” I’m not a runner. I’m healthy but almost 50 years old. People die out there running! Last time I ran was chasing a soccer ball around a field and that was more than 10 years ago. My kids had put me up to the challenge and after a couple of beers I said “I can do this” and signed up.

That was then…Now running for me is a Lifestyle, married to my wonderful wife Lisa who is also a runner (and a fast one!) For us is not just about the hours spent on the pavement, the track or racing but about eating smart, resting and building friendships with other runners.

With Lisa, post-run Coffee

I have run 50+ races (and still counting) from the Mile Race to 50K Ultras. Running is my passion. I have learned a lot from interacting with other runners and have read many books on running, training, Nutrition etc. My most favorite authors are Dr. Tim Noakes (Lore of Running) his book is the encyclopedia of running, Matt Fitzgerald (I believe I have read all of his books about running and Nutrition and even have his Cookbook), Jack Daniel’s (The running Formula) and Greg McMillan whom I have trained with through the years with his personalized programs.

I love to share with other runners my knowledge from personal experience and the one gained from the experts so feel free to ask questions or post commends.

My target race for 2017 is the Athens Marathon in Greece in November. The original route from the small town of Marathon to Athens. For now the plan is a Half in March and maybe a couple  shorter races between then and the start of Marathon training in July. You can follow my my training I updated it daily.

If you want more gory details about me then click here my personal story