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Start Running

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The moment you make the decision to start running you are one step closer to becoming a runner. It is the simplest most enjoyable and least expensive sport you can get into. Your age, your gender and BMI doesn’t mean much when it comes to running. Running is for everyone and something you can do well into your 70s, 80s and even 90s. No one can take it away from you. The benefits are many. Weight loss, mental health, fitness, happiness, stay looking younger (running slows the aging clock ) and there are even more Benefits of running . And you can run anywhere, at the Park, on roads, on trails, on the treadmill even in the mud, rain and snow.

I have never met a true runner that was not a happy, positive person. Now, I don’t think that all positive happy people eventually become runners. Instead, I think running makes everyone better. Thus the saying: if you want to change your body, exercise. If you want to change your Life, become a runner”.  There is a lot of truth in that statement. As a runner you will develop new healthier habits. You will be around other runners and exposed to many new ideas and things to try. Pretty soon your life may start changing as you adapt to the running Lifestyle.

So pick up a pair of running shoes from your local running store, if you don’t already have a pair. Grab a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt and get outside. Start by walking mixing it up with some running. As you get into the routine run more, walk less. One day you will run your first mile! You can buy books and download articles on running, proper form, nutrition, shoes and must have accessories but none of that will make you a runner. As you start to run you can work on details like “proper running form” nutrition, hydration etc. All of that will become normal thinking before, during and after your run.

Nothing like starting your day with an early morning run. You stay energized the entire day from it.

How many reasons does someone need to start running? Here’s a great read by Jacky Anderson from Sports Fitness Advisor who outlines 35 reasons and includes tips for beginner runners. Check it out 35 amazing health benefits of running

After all we were all born to run. National Geo

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and, most of all, LOVE of what you are doing.” – Pele

The Spirit of Running

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The greatness of the Human Spirit

Running a Half Marathon is never easy. The amount of miles and time allocated to training before the race is enormous. For some runners it can be up to four months and even longer. Week after week, Long run after Long run. We all endure the weather elements and overcome the temptation of staying in bed on Saturday mornings. For some of us our race goal is to set a Best Personal record, for others is to simply finish the race.

During my running years I have come across many runners that have inspired me. Some I have met and others I’ve read about. Last week during the Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon I saw a woman walking around the Start area with a dog. She was wearing a pink T-shirt with the words “Visually Impaired” printed on the back. My curiosity was moved but in a very windy, cold and misty morning my attention was diverted back to the race that was about to start. A couple of minutes later the competitive runners lined up in the front, most of us in the middle and runners with strollers and dogs in the back. Race started.


“The Human Body Has Limitations; The Human Spirit Is Boundless”,                                                                                        Dean Karnazes.

I did not see that woman running until after I crossed the Finish line as I waited to cheer runners coming in. Then in a distance, the pink shirt runner appeared with her dog speeding towards the Finish line. A small crowd of spectators were cheering her on.

She crossed the Line with the biggest smile celebrating by punching the air with her fist. Then as she burst into tears she fell to the ground to give gratitude to her dog for her own accomplishment. A display not only of the strength of the Human Spirit but humility. After she accomplished what is impossible to many people she gave the credit to her dog for getting her to here. Her small hero had led her through the 13.1 mile race as he did countless miles before during training. He was a winner too! It was an incredible moment that has moved me forever. I will never forget how everyone around her was also moved. At that moment it was the Human Spirit in display in front of all spectators and runners.

“The true Test of a Champion is Not whether he can Triumph, but whether he can overcome Obstacles.”               Garth Stein

In that woman I could see: Courage, Ability, Strength and Determination. She had accomplished her goal through all that. She had endured the same wind and cold as all of us did. And did not gripe once about it. Her goal to achieve was much bigger than the elements. She and her running mate crossed the Finish line as Champions for that day.

She had displayed the top mental qualities of an Elite runner. Something that a lot of us struggle with and makes me envious of her. So many of us try to improve our running by training harder, faster and longer yet we overlook the obvious, the Spirit Running.


Hooked and Got the t-shirt to prove it!

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It has been a long time but I still remember the day that I came home through the garage door into the laundry room kicked my shoes off and shouted “Honey, I just ran one mile!!! Did not stop once,  it felt hard but now it feels amazing”.  Still on-the-high of that morning’s run I started searching for a 5K race in our city that was two – three months away to allow for proper training.

I found one! I signed up and got the T-shirt to prove it! After 12 weeks of training I lined up at the start line. This was an inaugural race and a very small one. Only 187 runners participated. Among them my oldest son, my daughter, my nephew and his girlfriend. They had all been inspired by my excitement about running and had signed up and trained for the race.

Race Day

It was the first Saturday of June and in the Southeastern United States it can be pretty hot and humid and It Was! I remember it was 82 degrees and about 100% humidity it was the kind of weather you want to be by the pool or at the beach not running on asphalt.

The horn went off and the race clock started ticking. Runners and walkers alike took off on a grassy area that circled a pond and you could feel the heat rising from the ground. About half a mile in the race we had cleared the pond and the grass and now we were running on asphalt. At this point I was feeling great. I was passing runners left and right, literally.

Rookie mistake

A mile in the race and I started feeling out of breath. I had started the race too fast for my abilities. When that happens you are using precious energy all too fast and guess what? You don’t have enough to finish the race. By the time I reached the water/aid station (mile 1.5) I was walking. Grabbed a cup water thanked the volunteers and took off running again having recovered some after walking. It did not last very long and I was walking again. That went on till we turned the last corner and I could see the Finish line. People, family and friends were standing by and were cheering on the runners as they were turning in for the final 250 yards of the race.

The Finish Line

Out of nowhere my energy came back. Felt strong almost as strong as I felt at the beginning of the race. In front of me was a guy about my age and my competitive-spirit whispered to me as it didn’t want him to hear “you’ve got to pass this dude” and I tried, I gave it all and as soon as I got next to him the dude started speeding up. With 25 yards left we were both at all-out speed and he got in front of me right at the Finish. I didn’t care. I just ran a 5K, I finished a Race. I was a winner! I had ran (and walked) it at 32’40”. The short race came to the end quickly and they announced through the loud speaker that it was time for the awards.

I got hooked

They were doing what is called three deep Age Group Awards and Overalls. The overalls are 1st 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female and the Age Group is normally in 5 year increment groups for male and female separate. They started with the overall winners and then moved to the Age Groups. When they got to mine the first guy in my A.G. had also placed in the Overall category so he was skipped which means it gave my group’s 4th guy a placement in the 3rd place and an award. They started to announce 1st place then 2nd place and 3rd place. Nope, none of these names matched mine but honestly did not expect it. But wait….the 3rd place guy is walking up to get his award and picture with our Age Group….that’s the dude. The guy that beat me at the Finish Line. His time 32′.38″ he got me by 2″.

On the drive back home all these thoughts were running through my head….What if I had walked 5 steps less….What if I didn’t stop for water….What if I hadn’t started as fast?  I would be going home with an award today. I was so close! That did not really bother me but it light a fire in me. Later the same day I started looking for my next 5K race. I was hooked!

This is how it all got started. A few years fast forward, I crossed the finish line at the Bad Marsh 50K Trail Ultra-marathon (that is 31.07 miles). By that time I had run several races mostly 5Ks, a couple of 10Ks and a couple of Half Marathons.