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Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon, 2016

10K  training

Coming back to training from my Half Marathon and after last Sunday’s Palmetto Bluff Half (March 12th.) took three days off to give my body a complete rest and the knee an opportunity to completely recover.

This training schedule is from McMillan Running. The race is scheduled for May 8th. The Azalea Run 5K, 10K and 15K. I will give myself a couple of Easy runs to ease back to running and a Long run with Hills on Sunday. Monday will start the formal training for the 10K.

03/16. 45′ Easy. An EZ 5 mile run with the Altra Escalante. 09:30 pace. With no issues other than the cold (41F) and windy morning. Not complaining though because Summer can be brutal for us here in Savannah, Ga.

03/17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Stretches.

03/18. 40′ Easy. Another EZ run today just over 4 miles around 09:30 pace. A little longer run planned for tomorrow and even maybe some hills.

03/19. Bridge Run. The Savannah bridge is the only hill we have. All of my long hill work is done on the bridge. Today was a very windy run 7.01 miles in a 01:05:00. Felt good no issues. Tomorrow is rest day.

03/20. Rest Day.

03/21. Tempo. Easy run for one mile. Four miles at Tempo Pace overall pace 08:20m/m with 5 minute cool down. Stretches

03/22. Easy Run. 50 minutes EZ a little over 5 miles!

03/23. Speed-work. 12 x .25mile with 90″ recovery. Very windy today. Some Intervals were with the wind and some against.Overall average around 7:30m/m. I’ll take that but could have done better!

03/24. Complete rest!

03/25. 45 min. Easy run.

03/26. 60 min Group run. A steady state pace run with a bunch of our Savannah Striders members. A beautiful run through the Riverfront and downtown Savannah. A great day.

03/27. Complete rest.

03/28. Easy 60 min. Run. Midweek longish run.

03/29. Easy short run to get things ready for tomorrow’s Speed Work.

03/30. Speedwork. 1.5 miles Warm Up, then 2 mile Interval (avg pace 08:20) 5 min recovery jog then 4 x 1 mile intervals (08:11, 08:16, 08:10, 08:26) with 4 min. recovery jog in between, 5 min Cool Down. It felt pretty hard but it ‘s done!

03/31. Complete rest!

04/01. Easy run. Four miles EZ with Lisa.

04/02. Long run. Managed 8 miles today. The goal was to run a little over an hour.

04/03. Rest day.

04/04. Tempo run. Warm up with some running drills.4 miles at Tempo 08:29m/m average (08:33. 08:32, 08:30, 08:19) followed by an EZ mile cool down.

04/05. Easy run. Recovery pace EZ 4 miles. All is good!!

04/06. Rest day

04/07. Speedwork. Warm up with some running drills. 20×200 meters with 200 meters recovery. Felt hard but that’s what speedwork is all about. A mile cool down.

04/08. Recovery Run.  Easy run with Lisa a little of 4 miles.

04/09. Long Run. This was the longest distance since the Half on 03/12/17. Felt good overall although got somewhat sluggish between mile 8 and 9.

04/10. Rest.

04/11. Progression Run. This is one of my favorite workouts. Started the run at a very easy pace and progressed each mile by 30 seconds in pace ending the run at 10K pace.

04/12. Easy. A short easy recovery run.

04/13. Tempo Intervals. 2x(2 miles w/5min recovery) + 2x(1 mile w/3min recovery)  Mid 60s and 85% Humidity and a late night before this training run made it a bit more challenging. I had to take a few breaks to complete the run but it got done!  Splits were: First set of 2 miles , 08:14, 08:13 Second set of 2 miles, 08:16, 08:12. First set 1 mile: 08:15, 2nd 08:02. Total run with recovery 7 miles, time 1:01:24, avg. pace 08:40. Pleased with the workout. I have now completed 100% of the program so far. Something that does not happen often. A little over 3 weeks left till Race day.

04/14. Rest day

04/15. Long Run. The training program called for 1:45:00 Long Run. Got 11 miles in 1:46:47 wasn’t going to stop short of the 11 at 1:45:00. Felt good!

04/16 Rest day. Easter Sunday. Cooking for 15 friends and family for lunch.

04/17. Rest day. Needed this time off. Sunday wasn’t a training day but it was very tiring!

04/18. Easy Run w/Strides. Leg Speed workout. Easy run with 10×30 sec. Fast with 1 min. Recovery. Went well! Splits were: 06:42, 06:39, 06:41, 06:48, 06:44, 06:43, 06:42, 06:35, 06:22, 06:25.

04/19. Speed Workout. Today’s Workout 5×1 mile with 800m Recovery. Warmed up with 1 mile EZ run then some running drills. Then speed workout, splits were: 08:18, 08:07, 08:00, 07:59, 07:59. Could not have been more pleased about this workout. I wanted to do the Splits in a negative way just like in racing. I try to teach my body to do this and over time I have succeeded.

04:20. Rest Day.