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Corner Perk Cafe

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Corner Perk Cafe, Bluffton, South Carolina.

After our race on Sunday morning we were both cold and a little hungry. The post race menu at the Palmetto Bluff Half was BBQ sandwich and bananas. Since we don’t eat meat we had to venture out for some hot food and coffee. Only a couple of miles away at the Bluffton Historic district there’s this little cafe that serves their own roasts and superb food. The Corner Perk Cafe. We were lucky to find a seat right away as the place was getting busy.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere is laid back with the leather sofas and table in the middle and also individual tables mainly with seating for two. The decor is eclectic and crafty. But the best of everything is the coffee!!! Shortly after we ordered breakfast the server came back with the coffee. They serve it on a pour-over tray right at your table. So while it drips into your cup right in front of you the aroma of fresh ground coffee is everywhere! This was a very special treat on a cold damp morning after a race. Breakfast arrived a few minutes later. Lisa ordered the French toast which looked very good and she said it tasted as good as it looked. I had two eggs with toast, fresh fruit and cheese grits. For those of you that don’t know what grits are, here you go! — “what the hell is a grit?” Joe Pesci, from the movie My Cousin Vinny.

Service was great and the food was excellent. Ok, I know you cannot mess up eggs and toast but the grits were so good and the fruit (pineapple and melon) very fresh.

This place is worth coming back although we don’t live here. Is one of these places that we are so glad we found and it filled all our needs for that day.


Mmmm now I’m craving coffee!


Protein and your running body

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Protein with every meal

Protein, not just for runners but everyone striving for a balanced diet or planning to shed a few pounds should know a few things about it. According to the World Health Organization, humans need to get only 10 percent of their daily calories from Protein to maintain good health. But as runners we need more of it because running breaks down muscle and damages our muscle fibers.

Protein with every meal

According to researchers, by spreading your Protein intake throughout the day, your muscles receive a constant supply of the amino acids needed to build muscle and boost metabolism. However, if you consume too little at breakfast and too much at dinner, your body can’t build muscle throughout the day and is forced to store Protein as glucose or fat at night.

Protein intake timing for runners

After a hard run or workout timing your Protein intake is important. Within 30 minutes from your workout and up to 2 hours is the ideal window for recovery. For every pound of body weight you should consume 0.25gr of Protein for proper muscle Recovery. For example a 100lb runner should consume 25gr. and a 160lb runner 40gr. Of course you should include Carbohydrates with your recovery meal or shake and don’t forget to hydrate immediately after your workout. You should continue consuming more Protein with all your meals and snacks for the rest of the day. You want to aim for a total daily intake at 0.50gr per pound of body weight for light days. On heavier workout days or long mileage runs you should aim for 0.80gr. Although this is not a magic formula it works for me. I even add more Protein on days that I feel extra sore or sense an injury coming.

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